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Autumn & Your Skincare Routine

April 30, 2021

Autumn is here and with that comes colder temperatures, rainy days and skin woes. With the change of seasons, you should also tweak your skincare routine. You don’t need to alter your entire routine - little changes will help protect your skin from seasonal problems like acne, chapped lips and dry skin. Here are a few ways to adjust your skincare routine now that Autumn is here: 

Add more hydration: Cooler temperatures lead to dry skin so make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated both internally and externally. Change your moisturizer to a thicker cream, add eye cream to your routine (if you’re not already using one) and make sure to finish off with a lip balm to avoid chapped lips. If you tend to turn on your heater at night, consider adding a humidifier to your room. Using the heater dries out air leaving your skin, lips and even your
throat feeling dry. 

Be sensitive with your skin: Hold off on the exfoliators and instead focus on hydrating skin. If you tend to use an exfoliant multiple times a week, scale back to once a week. Be gentle with your skin during the Autumn months and it will thank you! 

Continue using SPF: Just because it’s not a sunny day doesn’t mean you can skip the SPF. The sun’s harmful and skin damaging rays shine through even on the cloudiest days so make sure you’re always protected. Even if you’re not planning on going outside that day, always use an SPF in your morning skincare routine.

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