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How To Combat Mask Acne

May 26, 2021

Face masks are here to stay for some time and with it comes the dreaded acne it leaves behind. Mask acne, also known as maskne, is the acne that develops where your mask usually sits on the lower region of your face. Wearing a mask, especially while wearing makeup and for prolonged periods of time, leads to blocked pores which results in acne. While this pesky little problem can be embarrassing and a nuisance, thankfully, there’s plenty you can do to combat it. 

Change your mask out 

You wouldn’t re-wear your underwear for more than a day, would you? The same goes with masks. Make sure to change out your mask each day for a new and clean one. If you don’t have time to wash your masks, consider disposable masks to make sure you’re able to wear a fresh one. 

Use the right skincare ingredients

Glycolic and salicylic acids are key ingredients in the battle against dreaded maskne. Make sure you’re washing your face in the morning and especially at night. Use products with glycolic or salicylic acids to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin surface unblocking the pores and helps treat acne, preventing new pimples from making their appearance. If you are super natural conscious then we recommend Australian native extract ingredients such as Snow Flower (Tea Tree Oil) which works on the actual bacteria and inflammation with ElderFlower native extract which contains antioxidant properties, detoxifies the skin cleansing the pores leaving skin fresh and able to breathe. Additionally, these Australian native extracts also help heal and repair skin.

Let your face breathe

On days off and when you get home from work, take off your makeup, wash your face and let your skin breathe! Your skin is trying to tell you something when pimples pop up. Make sure you’re letting clogged pores breathe when you don’t need to wear your mask or makeup. 

Eat the right foods

You’ve heard it forever and it remains true: stay away from greasy foods. Greasy, sugary, and unhealthy foods always lead to acne. Make sure you’re filling your plate with fresh fruits, leafy greens, and healthy proteins to keep your skin clear and clean. Your body and your complexion will thank you!

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