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December 02, 2021

This weeks ingredient of the week is something that may not be a household name, or an element of skincare that is commonly spoken about, however, this ingredient is an absolute powerhouse. Bearberry is a fruit extract that has a natural skin brightening effect that will assist in attaining a more uniform skin tone and brighter complexion. It is featured in our Illuminating Skin Series products including the Illuminating Serum, Illuminating Instant Face Lift and Illuminating Instant Eye Lift, therefore, we’re here to tell you all the things we love about this natural extract!

Fade dark spots and pigmentation

Arbutin in the active form, which is found in Bearberry extract, is a natural substance that can assists in lightening dark spots and stops enzyme’s in the skin from over producing more pigment melanin. It prevents the over production of melanin, thus reducing spotting.

Assist in evening skin tone

As Bearberry brightens the skin, it slowly evens out skin tone by eliminating age spots, acne scars, freckles, and melisma.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Bearberry soothes irritated skin and calms inflammation, which are both factors that can accelerate the formation of wrinkles. 

It is a natural skin brightner, maintaining a vibrant youthful glow and healthier complexion. 

Bearberry is a natural extract that we are proud to feature in our Illuminating Skin Series alongside the other natural inclusions such as Aloe Vera.

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