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Ingredient Of The Week - Tea Tree Oil

October 21, 2021

Combating acne at any age can be a very stressful period and that is exactly why you need to be using products that are going to help your skin rather than do more damage. Here at Advanced Cosmetica, our Acne Care range has been formulated with the best ingredients to cure your skin woes. One of our favourite ingredients is Tea Tree Oil !

Featured in both the Acne Relief Cleansing Wash and the Acne Relief Calming Serum, Tea Tree Oil acts to calm inflamed skin as well as kill acne-causing bacteria and fungi. In addition to this, Tea Tree Oil will provide the following benefits:

Reduce overall amount and severity of acne - Several studies show that Tea Tree Oil will act to fight acne bacteria which results in less acne and a reduction in the severity of acne.

Assists in regulating oil production - If you struggle with oily skin, Tea Tree Oil can regulate the oil production in your skin and thus reduce your pore size.

Relieves itchy skin - Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, tea tree oil may also help reduce itchy skin and therefore result in less irritation of the skin.

Assists in healing - Due to its antibacterial properties, Tea Tree Oil may helps to speed up the healing of inflamed breakouts.

Here at Advanced Cosmetica, we have ensured that our Acne Relief Skin Care range combines ingredients that have been proven to fight acne, therefore get the confidence in your skin back so you can start focusing on the things in life that really matter and enjoying a healthier life.

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