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Prepare Yourself For Winter Hair Care

June 28, 2022

Our hair faces changes and battles from season to season - however, the most commonly discussed and observed changes to our hair are those that occur in summer when the humidity is high and our hair becomes frizzy. In reality - the impact of changes in weather conditions throughout the winter months may not be as obvious, but they are much more damaging to your hair.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid the damaging effects of winter on the health of our hair, but we can take steps to prepare our hair as best we can and reduce the impact of the changes in season. Here at Advanced Cosmetica, we want to ensure that you are prepared - so check out the below elements to expect and how to get ready for them.

  1. Static

We have all experienced static hair through the classic balloon trick that we learnt in primary school. However, static electricity appears within our hair in winter minus the use of a balloon. Essentially, static electricity is caused when electrons move. With regards to static electricity in the hair, electrons within your hair will move between atoms in hair strands when the humidity is low. This movement causes an electric charge which results in your hair clinging to your clothing and accessories, leading to brittle, dry and frizzy hair strands.

  1. Changes In The Hair Layers

Each hair shaft is made up of layers - with most hair shafts consisting of two layers and some coarser hair consisting of three. The inside layer, which is not common in fine hair, is the medulla layer, the middle layer is the cortex layer and the outer layer is the cuticle layer. The purpose of the cuticle layer is to protect the other layers from damage, however - in colder months, the cuticle layer can lift due to the lack of moisture in the hair from the reduction in humidity. When the cuticle layer lifts, it is no longer protecting the cortex layer therefore the shaft is at high risk of damage and breakage.

  1. Tangling

Due to the high chance of harsh winds throughout the winter months, our hair is likely to end up tangled and unruly when exposed. Throughout the process of untangling or brushing out the hair strands - if the follicles are dry - the chance of breakage in this process is high.


The majority of the risks are associated with the level of moisture within the hair.

 In order to prevent damage from the above elements, it is important to build up the moisture levels in the hair strands before winter and maintain this throughout the colder months. With regards to hair care, to increase moisture the first element to focus on is the products you are using.

The Advanced Cosmetica Six Star Series hair care range has an Aloe Vera base which is ultra hydrating for hair strands, and natural, therefore it will not cause damage to the hair shaft. The Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect products to use due to the blend of Aloe Vera, Rose Geranium, Moroccan Argan and Australian Native Macadamia Oil. These natural ingredients will assist in increasing hydration, stimulating healthy hair growth and reducing damaged and stressed hair.

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