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The Jen Effect - How To Achieve Hair Like Jennifer Anniston

June 28, 2022

Jennifer Anniston has been a hair icon for decades, with her hair being close to having more of a reputation than her starring role as ‘Rachel’ in Friends. Whether it be the length, the colour or even the cut that people love her hair for - none of it would be possible without the condition of her hair being the state that it is - lucious and strong.

If you aspire to have hair like Jen - follow the below tips.

  1. Silk Pillowcase

Not only does a silk pillowcase assist in reducing fine lines in your skin - it is also a fantastic tool to reduce breakage of your hair. Due to the smooth finish of a silk pillowcase, your hair will delicately glide across the pillowcase with ease, rather than be pulled across as you would experience with an alternative pillow case.

  1. Collagen Hair Supplements

There is a correlation between collagen intake and hair growth due to the amino acids and natural antioxidants that are found in collagen. If you struggle to consume collagen within your diet - a supplement is an effective way to overcome this.

  1. Frequent haircuts

When not dealt with, split ends can cause ongoing damage to hair shafts. If the length of hair that is damaged is not removed, the split will continue expanding and damaging the lengths of hair further towards the root. Frequent hair cuts will ensure that your hair has the best chance of growing longer and stronger.

  1. Heat protection/limit heat exposure

It is no secret that heat exposure can damage the strength of hair strands, therefore if you are wanting to promote growth and thickness of your hair - it is best to avoid heat tools in general. If you’re reluctant to part ways with your heat styling tools, be sure to use a heat protectant to avoid excessive damage to your hair.

  1. Changing the height of your ponytail

Adjusting the position of your ponytail is an important practice that ensures the stress a hair tie places on your hair strands is distributed evenly - and no one patch of hair is repetitively under pressure. Having the height of your ponytail remain consistent can result in breakage from the stress on that section of your hair.

  1. High-Quality Hair Care

Last but not least, invest in high quality hair care that has appropriate ingredients that will nourish, protect and enhance the quality of your hair. The Advanced Cosmetica Six Star Series range features an Aloe Vera foundation suitable for all different hair types. The all-natural range has been formulated with ingredients that will strengthen the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth such as Moroccan Argan, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Australian native Macadamia Oil.

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