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Advanced Cosmetica –Luxurious, functional, botanical skin & hair care.

Our vision is to be able to connect your beauty regime with the beauty & power of nature. Our natural surroundings here in Australia are some of the most breath taking in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to harness that amazing power and transfer it into your skin and haircare routine?

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2013, Advanced Cosmetica was formed to do just that.

Where most beauty products are based on pure water - which has very little beneficial properties on its own - our entire range has been developed using the true queen of botanicals: Aloe Vera. This rejuvenating jewel in mother nature’s crown is great for all skin and hair types, and has proven hydrating, cleansing & calming properties too. And that’s just the base of our products! We also add the finest Australian native plant extracts to create the perfect natural product range.

Stay radiant, vibrant and love your skin

We use only the highest quality native plants and other active ingredients derived from Australia’s richest minerals & vitamins, to bring deep care and nourishment to your face, body and hair. These include Kakadu Plum, Macadamia Oil, Lemon Myrtle and many other clean botanical extracts and their essential oils, all of which we have formulated into luxurious, functional skin care products clinically proved to keep you looking radiant, youthful and nourished!


Leading the future in skin and hair care, naturally.

One of our most important values at Advanced Cosmetica is protecting and preserving our sacred environment - just as much as we want to protect and preserve our own natural beauty. Therefore we do not use any parabens or sulphates, and we definitely do not test anything on animals.

From our skin brightening range through to our salon-grade hair care, we are so proud of our product range and know that everyone, worldwide, can benefit from using our beauty products which:

• Are all Aloe Vera based

• Use high powered native Australian botanical ingredients

• Contain all the functioning active ingredients from the plant’s essential oils only, not synthetics

• Contain only organic essential oils derived from plant extracts, which give the range its beautiful, natural scent

• Contain NO parabens or sulphates

• Use only plants which are safe & beneficial

• Are NOT tested on animals

Our most recent project which we are proud to announce is our achievement to have formulated a Natural Radiance Series of Skin Care for USA celebrity Bethenny Frankel. We are the Licensee and Manufacturer of all the Skin, Body & Hair Care range under her brand name Skinnygirl.

For more information about us or any of our products or ingredients, follow us on social media or use our contact form to get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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