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July 2016

"I am a 48 years old Asian lady, my hair is quite dry and thin due to continuous colouring and perm on my hair for years. I was using those shampoos and conditioner bought from supermarkets, which resulted in me having drier hair and suffering from hair loss.After I saw the Advanced Cosmetica Six Star Series range advertising its natural ingredients which makes your hair healthier and shinier, I then bought the products from the Advanced Cosmetica website. After finishing only half of the bottle, I could feel my hair improving, plus it was smoother and shinier and also there was less hair loss. I was very happy and will continue to use the products."

Petty Fong – Auckland, New Zealand

May 2016

"I have a naturally oily skin complexion and have found it hard to find products that would make it less oily, throughout the years.

Having suffered from acne most of my life and getting scars on my face from it, I was always in search of great natural products that would solve my skin problems. Most products that I have bought would either dry my skin out or irritate it without solving the initial problems. I heard about Advanced Cosmetica after one of my friends had used it and thought I would also try it out. Results? My skin looks better than ever, my face has gone less oily and my acne scars are fading each day. The plus side is that my face is finally glowing and I do not need to hide myself under makeup anymore.”

Megan Khor – New Zealand

March 2016

“My son has used it during winter, since January, and I found my son’s skin has highly improved. He is used to suffering from eczema over his legs due to dryness especially in winter time. He was also using another Australian natural baby wash product before and fortunately, his legs’ skin are more moisturised after using the Six Star body wash for two months and the eczema problem has improved this winter – no more dryness! I would recommend this product to my friends and any local customers who are looking for baby skincare products.”

Valerie Chan – Hong Kong

May 2015 

"I have been using all five of Advanced Cosmetica's products together faithfully for four months now. I credit them for helping my skin feel so youthful and hydrated. Being part Asian, I have inherited my mother's beautiful skin but unfortunately I hadn't taken good care of it but after just a week of using Advanced Cosmetica, I noticed my skin has lightened and especially since using the Illuminating Serum, it has smoothed out my skin, which looks so flawless. I have had so many compliments on how amazing my skin looks. I used to have quite dry skin before using the products and it was very hard to find suitable and reliable natural products for my skin but now, I have definitely found it! My face feels so fresh and radiant, more than ever before. Thank you so much for these excellent products."

Theresa Foss -Melbourne 

April 2014 

"I recently arrived from Argentina and bought your product online because my friend had recommended it to me. My friend told me about your product and I wanted to try it because I also have sensitive skin and need to use natural products. I have been using all five products for eight weeks and it has made me confident to continue the use, as it agrees with my sensitive skin. The White Beauty Series acts very fast to hydrate my skin. I am so happy about how quickly the products absorb into the skin. The Instant Face Lift and Eye Lift makes my skin feeling instantly treated and tightened within 10 minutes after applying them to my face. " 

Alexia Scheuermann -Traveller from Argentina

March 2014 

"I made my first purchase in December last year - I came across this skin care range in a shop in the Crown Complex. Since then, I have been regularly using all the products. I always want to look my best as I am in the fashion industry so my appearance is very important and the first impression is long lasting. 

As I wanted bright, flawless and beautiful skin, I decided to try an Australian brand which is safe and natural, more value for money compared to the well-known brands that are much expensive and full of preservatives. 

These products have given me radiant skin, have evened my skin tone and given me  firmer skin. My friends and partner have noticed the difference and I feel so excited when they comment that my face looks brighter and fresher. The products are so packed with natural goodness, no wonder they work." 

Carolina Tanaka - Melbourne

January 2014 

"I tried your products immediately when it was launched after the Hong Kong trade fair. I wanted natural ingredients and Australia is known to have clean and strict regulations for skin care. Once I started using the White Beauty Series products, I started to feel and see the results. It does exactly what the brochure said. 

The cleanser does actually clean the pores, which makes my skin feeling fresher. It also doesn't strip the skin of natural oils. The serum has reduced my red irritated spots and it absorbs quickly and has really brightened my appearance. I like the fact it contains so many natural ingredient together in one product. The moisturiser is great because it's not too thick, like many products, which clog my pores. 

The essential oils maintain my skin to be smooth and supple, it feels great! It is gentle under makeup. The face lift and eye lift instantly start treating the skin. The products have reduced the puffiness under my eyes, which I often experience and they have made my face look less tired as the wrinkles are less visible " 

Julie Spadetto - Melbourne 

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